Quakefit is a self-serve public awareness tool in the initial stages.


Metro Vancouver and much of BC is an extremely seismically active region that is quite under-prepared for it’s own conditions. Most residents are not aware of the state of their homes and whether they are fit to survive an earthquake. The first step to a safer community is public-awareness.


Our Solution:

Using the same standard as the BC School Seismic Mitigation Program co-developed by PBRV Techs own Dr. Freddy Pina — Quakefit aims to bring public awareness and advocacy to the residents of our seismically active region.

Quakefit will be targeted towards the residents of Metro Vancouver and through a series of simple inputs will output key information about the user’s home in regards to earthquake safety. Successive versions will see the addition of extra features like a user login system and expansion to new regions in British Columbia.





Authored By: Mark Siller

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